Tom Grisham - CCIE #1767 Emeritus

Welcome to my professional biography, CV and online resume’. 

I founded TRCN, LLC in 2003 as a independent communications solutions provider.  The strength of TRCN is the combined industry experiences and skills from best talent that I’ve come to know over the years.   Technologies change, adapt, morph at a faster pace than ever before.  It is impossible to find a resource with 5-7 years experience in many areas.  But with TRCN you can find a team that brings direct applied experience to every (Bit, Byte and Baud) of the underlying infrastructure components.


What you should know

Emerging SOlution

work in-progress

Current TechnologIES

  1. 1.802.1x NAC with PKI digital certs

  2. 2.VRF-Lite Layer-3 Network Virtualization

  3. 3.Cisco Nexus / VMWare vDS integrations using 1000v, VSM,  1010 appliances, VSG and vShield

  4. 4.  Nexus 5548 Layer-3 aggregations

  5. 5.  Nexus 7010 VDC contexts

  6. 6.  Cisco Catalyst 3560-X 10-GigE

  7. 7.  Cisco ASA 5585, 5520, IPS

  8. 8.  Cisco CSM 4.2, security manager

  9. 9.  Cisco ACS 5.3  Tacacs+ / Radius

  10. 10. Greatbay Beacon MAB Profiler

  11. 11. Cisco QoS

  12. 12.  Cisco PfR

  13. 13.  Cisco WAAS

  14. 14.  Cisco Load Balancing (CSS/CSM)

  15. 15.  VOIP, call manager, unity, ipcc 

Tom grisham